Mersen EP SMF3-2/10 In-Line Fuse

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Mersen's SMF In-Line Fuses Are Used to Protect Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures and Ballasts; SMF is a Time Delay Fuse; Used to Protect Individual 300V Fixtures; Mersen's SHR Fuse Holder Has an Integral Clip for Panel Mounting to Meet this Requirement; Holder Fits into a Standard 7/8 Inch Knockout or Keyhole Punch that Provides Anti Rotation; The SHR is Available in a Single or Double Wire Version; The Single Wire Version (SHR-1) Allows Insertion of 18 AWG Ballast Leads Directly into the Holder; Integral Fuse and Insulating Cap; Designed Specifically to Handle Ballast Inrush Currents


Characteristics: Time Delay
Voltage Rating: 300 VAC
Current Rating: 3-2/10 Ampere
Interrupting Rating: 10 Kiloampere (AC)
Fuse Holder Type: SHR
Diameter: 0.25 Inch
Length: 1.9 Inch
Approval: UL, CSA