Klein Tools VDV501-829 Voice/Data/Video Cable Tester

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Cable Tester Locates, Tests and Measures Coaxial, Data (RJ45) and Telephone (RJ11) Cables; Identify Wiring Faults Including Miswire, Open Fault, Short Fault, Split-Pair, Wire Map; Detect, Identify and Test Power Over Ethernet (PoE); Measure Paired-Conductor Cables up to 1500-Foot with Accuracy of up to +/-(5% and 1-Foot); Single-End Cable Testing or Complete Two-End Cable Testing with Test-N-Map ID Remotes; Perform Active Network (Ethernet) Testing -- Detect Capabilities and Connection Speed; Locate and Identify Cables with Location ID Remotes, Test-N-Map ID Remotes, Link Light and Tone Generator; Test and Identify Location in One Step (Two-End Testing) with Test-N-Map ID Remotes (RJ45 and RJ12 Ports) - Supports up to 8 Remotes; Visually Identify a Hub or Switch and Locate Cable Runs with Link Light; Save up to 256 Cable or Network Tests, Export and Print Report; Made in USA


Type: Voice/Data/Video Cable Tester
Cable Type: Coaxial, RJ45 (Data), RJ11 (Voice), RG59, RG6/6Q, RG7/11, CAT3, CAT5, CAT6/6A
Cable Length: 1500 Foot
Battery Voltage: 9 Volt
Battery Type: (6) AA Alkaline, (1) Alkaline
Connector Type: USB/RJ12/RJ45
Operating Temperature: 32 to 122 Deg F
Display Type: LCD
Size: 3.6 Inch Width x 6.8 Inch Height x 1.85 Inch Depth
Weight: 12 Ounce
Application: Cable Testing, Ethernet Cable
Approval: CE, WEEE