Klein Tools 59001T Step Drill Bit

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Similar to Klein High-Speed Step-Drill Bits, but with a Titanium-Nitride Coating (82-86 Rockwell C Hardness); Coating Reduces Friction for Cooler, Smoother Running without Lubrication; Allows Bits to Last up to 4 to 5 Times Longer than Steel Drill Bits; Single-Fluted Design Eliminates Skidding and Makes for Easier Resharpening; Laser-Etched Hole Sizes are Easy to Read and Permanent; Bits are Perfect for Drilling Accurate, Round Holes in Thin (Up to 1/8 Inch) Metal (Steel, Brass, Aluminum and Copper) as Well as Plastic and Wood; Anti-Skid Tip Eliminates the Need for Center Punching or Pilot Hole Drilling; Made in USA


Type: Self-Starting
Minimum Drill Size: 1/8 Inch
Maximum Drill Size: 1/2 Inch
Step Increment: 1/32 Inch
Step Height: 1/8 Inch
Number of Sizes: 13
Material: HSS
Finish: Titanium Nitride Coated