Klein Tools 56204 Conduit Bender

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Exclusive Design Reduces Rippling and Ovaling of Conduit; Traditional Benfield Head Design Accurately and Consistently Performs Common Bends; Such as Stub Ups, Offsets, Back to Back and Saddle Bends; Bold Cast in Symbols, Degree Scales, Multiplier Scales and Center of Bend Marks Help Save Time on the Job; Interior Hook Surface Prevents Conduit from Rolling or Twisting During Bends; Interior Clamp Securely Holds Conduit While Cutting with Hacksaw; Wide Foot Pedal Provides Excellent Stability, Leverage and Comfort; Features Angled Grooves for Extra Traction; Easily Visible Arrow for Ease of Alignment on Conduit Marks; High Strength Steel Handle Features a Swaged End for Inserting Conduit to Correct Overbends; Orange Handle is Easy to Spot on the Job Site; Made in USA


Type: Bender Head with Handle
EMT Conduit Size: 3/4 Inch
Rigid/IMC Conduit Size: 1/2 Inch
Bending Radius: 5 Inch
Material: Iron
Handle Included: Yes