Klein Tools 63700 Cable Cutter

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Ratchet-action design of this heavy-duty Ratcheting Cutter provides maximum leverage with minimum effort. Forged, heat-treated, shear-type blades cut steel and ACSR. Long steel handles have heavy vinyl grips for comfort and slip-resistance. Blade-advance knob quickly rotates the blade to engage the cable or other material being cut.


Type: Ratchet
Cable Type: ACAR, ACSR, Aluminum, Copper, Guy Strand, Steel Rod, Steel Wire Rope, Soft Cable
Cable Size: 750 MCM (Copper/Aluminum), 1-1/4 Inch Dia (ACSR/ACAR), 7/16 Inch Dia (Guy Strand), 5/8 Inch Dia (Steel Wire Rope), 1/2 Inch Dia (Steel Rod), 2-1/4 Inch Dia Soft Cable
Length: 36 Inch
Handle Type: Comfort Grip, Non-Slip
Handle Material: Steel Handle with Vinyl Grip