6 Different Types of Electrical Wiring You Should Know

6 Different Types of Electrical Wiring You Should Know

There are many different types of electrical wiring, and if you are new to wiring, it can be a bit confusing. Wirenco is a custom wiring company that specializes in building, commercial, and industrial wiring offerings, including pre-cut wire, outdoor wiring, and more. Learn about six different kinds of electrical wiring you should know, and browse our wide selection online today!


NM Cable

NM Cable

 NM, or nonmetallic, cable is a very common wiring found in homes across the United States. In fact, it is a type of wiring designed for use indoors in a location that is dry. It is made from two or more wires wrapped in a plastic sheathing, including a wire that carries current (known as a hot wire), a neutral wire, and a ground wire. Examples of NM cable are the wiring found in outlets and light fixtures in your home. They are now color-coded so you can tell the gauge of the wire immediately.


UF Cable

UF, or underground feeder, cable is, as you can guess, a wire type design for burial outdoors in wet conditions. It is nonmetallic, and you'll see this type of wiring used for outdoor lighting, such as for lamps and landscape lighting. UF cable consists of a hot wire, a neutral wire, and a copper ground wire. Each wire is wrapped individually in solid plastic so they can withstand the wet conditions. Because of this, this wiring is a bit more expensive than other kinds. It is normally gray in color.



THHN, or Thermoplastic, Highly Heat-Resistant, Nylon-Coated, and THWN, Thermoplastic, Heat-Resistant, Rated for Wet Locations, Nylon-Coated, are codes that indicate this type of wiring is used inside conduit. You'll see this type of wiring as each strand by itself as a color-coded insulated conductor (usually copper or aluminum) and inside a plastic sheathing. Conduit wires are commonly used in unfinished areas in your home, such as the basement or the garage. Each wire sheathing identifies which type of wire they are. For example, hot wires are usually black, red, or orange.


Low-Voltage Wire

As the name indicates, low-voltage wiring is used for low-voltage applications, typically 50 volts or less. Thus, this type of wiring is popular for landscape lighting, sprinkler systems, doorbells, thermostats, and home theater systems. Low-voltage wires are insulated and are usually made of copper or aluminum. They may be combined in pairs. They are inexpensive and smaller than other types of wiring.


Phone and Data Wire

You are probably familiar with what phone and data wiring looks like. This type of wiring is used for home phones and now mainly for internet hook-ups. Typically made from copper, they contain between four and eight wires, and sometimes they will be wrapped in pairs. This wiring is inexpensive and is standard in most homes and offices.


Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is a less common type of wiring used for data transmission. It is a round, jacketed cable that has an inner conductor usually made from copper and is most often surrounded by an insulating layer and a shield that is made from braided wire. This wire was popular for delivering cable to homes and is still used to connect satellite dishes or home subscription TV service. This affordable wiring is distinguishable by its black or white sheathing and its round shape.



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