Aluminum Versus Copper SER Cable

Aluminum Versus Copper SER Cable

When it comes to electrical wiring and cables, one important choice to make is whether to use aluminum or copper SER cable. Wirenco is a top-rated wiring supplier online offering the best affordable wiring and discounted cable wire for your needs. Learn more below, and shop with us today!

copper cable

SER Copper Cables

SER, or Service Entrance Cable, is commonly used for residential electrical projects and provides power from the main electrical panel to various areas of the house. Copper SER cable has been the traditional choice for many years and is known for its excellent conductivity and durability. 

aluminum cable

SER Aluminum Cables

On the other hand, aluminum SER cable has gained popularity as a viable alternative to copper due to its lower cost and lighter weight. Aluminum is less conductive than copper, so when using aluminum SER cable, a larger gauge size is required to achieve the same electrical capacity. 


Factors to Consider

When deciding between aluminum and copper SER cable, it is essential to consider factors such as budget, electrical load requirements, and local building codes. Also, it is crucial to ensure that proper installation techniques, such as using anti-oxidation compounds and proper termination methods, are followed to mitigate the potential risks associated with aluminum wiring. 


Consider Cost

If cost is a significant consideration, copper SER cable is typically more expensive than aluminum, but it offers superior performance and longevity. Aluminum SER cable can be a suitable option, especially for less demanding electrical applications. 


The choice between aluminum and copper SER cable depends on various factors, including budget, electrical load requirements, and local codes. If you are a DIY'er, consulting with a qualified electrician can help you choose. For electricians, considering local building codes and the needs of your electrical project is key to determining the most suitable option for your specific electrical wiring and cable needs. Shop Wirenco's discounted wiring and affordable cables today!

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