How to Organize Your Cables

How to Organize Your Cables

Organizing cables can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with a large number of cables. It can be difficult to keep track of which cables are connected to which devices, and it’s easy to create a tangled mess of wires. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can keep your cables neat and organized. Wirenco is an online purveyor of building and construction wire, pre-cut wire, cable cutter tools, and cable connectors. Learn more great tips on how to organize your cables below, and shop with us today!


How to organize your cables infographic

A woman under her work desk trying to organize cables

Separate Your Different Types of Cable

The first step to organizing your cables is to identify each cable. Take a look at the connectors on each end of the cable and make a mental note of what type of device it is connected to. This will help you keep track of which cables are connected to which devices. You can also label the cables with a marker or sticker to make it easier to identify them later.

Yellow ethernet cables

Label & Color Code Your Cables

Labeling your cables can be a great way to organize and keep track of them. You can use labels or marker pens to write the name of the device it goes to. In addition, color coding your cables can help you easily identify which cable is for what device. For example, you could assign a different color for each device like blue for your printer, red for your computer, etc. This can help you quickly locate the right cable for the job quickly and efficiently.

A yellow cable tie

Use Cable Ties

Once you’ve identified each cable, it’s time to start organizing them. If you’re dealing with a large number of cables, it’s a good idea to use cable ties or zip ties to bundle them together. This will help keep them neat and organized and will make it easier to find the cable you’re looking for. Make sure to bundle the cables in a way that doesn’t impede their use, such as by twisting them or tying them too tightly. Check out our cable ties today.

Cables clipped together to keep them organized

Use Cable Clips

If you’re dealing with a smaller number of cables, you can use cable clips or adhesive cable holders to keep them neat and organized. Cable clips are small clips that can be attached to the side of a desk or wall and can be used to hold a few cables in place. Adhesive cable holders are small pieces of adhesive that you can stick onto the back of a desk or wall, and they can be used to hold a single cable in place. Both have their advantages and can be a big help when organizing your cables.

Plastic cable management systems

Consider a Cable Management System

Finally, if you’re dealing with a lot of cables, you may want to consider using a cable management system. These systems typically consist of a tray, or a set of trays, that are designed to keep cables neat and organized. You can use the trays to separate the cables by type, or you can use them to route cables to different areas of the room.


Organizing your cables doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right tools and techniques, you can keep your cables neat and organized and make it easier to find the cable you’re looking for. So, take the time to identify each cable, bundle them together, and use cable clips or cable management systems to keep them organized.

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