Tips to Find the Best Wire for Your DIY Project

Tips to Find the Best Wire for Your DIY Project

Admittedly, there are many types of wiring available, and you may not know exactly which type of wiring you need for your DIY project. And, the wrong type of wiring could mean you start your project all over again. Wirenco offers affordable wiring, including pre-cut, low-voltage, and conduit wire, for your needs. Learn some tips on how to find the best wire for your DIY project, and shop online today!


Understand The Types of Available Wire

There are four basic types of wire: solid-core, stranded, braided, and prefused. Having a good understanding of their construction helps when considering the best wiring for your DIY project. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with current, voltage, wattage, and amperage, too.


Understand the Wire Gauge

The gauge of the wire can be confusing. This is because the higher the wire gauge, the thinner the wire is, so it's a bit backwards of what you'd expect. Another important thing about wiring to understand is that you never want to push your wiring amps to their maximum. Try and stay around 80%.


Understand the Numbers Printed on the Wiring

The numbers on the wiring are not just there for looks; these numbers are standard, so every wire should have these numbers and mean the same thing. You'll notice a temperature, which is the max temperature a wiring can handle before melting, and other numbers, too.


Understand the Colors of the Wiring

If you've worked with wiring enough, you would have noticed wiring comes in different colors. One of the confounding facts about wiring is that wiring made in different countries come in different colors, so be sure you know where your wiring came from before using. 


Wirenco is your source for many types of wiring, including building wire cables, commercial and industrial wiring, cable wires, outdoor electrical wire, and so many more. Let our experts help you find the right discounted wiring for your needs. Call to speak to someone, or order online today!

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