Why Wirenco is the Best Wiring Company for Contractors

Why Wirenco is the Best Wiring Company for Contractors

It can be difficult to find a trusted custom wiring company that consistently delivers a high-quality product that is affordable and offers great customer service. And, as a contractor, you need wiring in order to do your business, so finding a top-rated wiring company is essential. 

Wirenco aims to be the contractors' wiring company of choice. With our more than 30 years of electrical experience, we understand the needs of our customers and offer exemplary products and services to meet those needs. We offer our Trade Program, which offers many benefits for contractors and business owners. Below, we'll go over why Wirenco is the best wiring company for contractors. Shop online today!

Save 10% On All Orders Over $50

Our custom wiring company offers a 10% discount on all orders when you join our Trade Program.  Thus, if you buy in bulk on a regular basis, you can truly rack up some big savings. In addition, 10% is nothing to sneeze at either when you order cut-to-order wire or on a job-by-job basis. As a business owner, you know every penny counts, so the more money you save on wire supplies, the more money you'll have to invest in other aspects of your business, such as new services, new products, or a new location. Who can argue with a program that does all of that?

Buy Wiring On a Per-Job Basis

While our custom wiring company understands the popularity and the reasoning behind buying in bulk, that doesn't mean it works for everyone in every situation. Here at Wirenco, we understand that sometimes you just need a bit of wire for a job you are doing and don't want the hassle of excess wire and cables lying around the shop. We offer cut-to-order wire options so you can have as little or as much wiring as you need and/or want. You do receive a discount for buying in bulk, but don't feel obligated to purchase more.

Eliminate Wire Waste

Snippets here and there of wiring may not seem like a lot, but over time, you can end up wasting a lot of wiring from your electrical contracting jobs that do add up. One of the major reasons for electrical wiring waste is the purchase of too much. Sometimes, electrical wire just sits around your shop for too long, and you end up throwing it away. Or, you have too much on a job site and end up just cutting the wrong lengths. When you are able to order cut-to-order wiring, you'll eliminate much of this wire waste for good, saving you money in the long-run. This also saves on source materials, landfill waste, and helps the environment. While some wiring waste can be recycled (such as copper wiring), a lot of it is simply not worth it.

Select From Hundreds of Wire Products

Wirenco offers hundreds of wire products for your use. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all things commercial wiring related. Whether you are a builder looking for HVAC wiring or you need to wire an electrical panel for a warehouse, our wiring supplies have got you covered. We offer Outdoor Electrical Wire, Service Entrance Cables, Building Wire, Packaged Wire, Cut-to-Order Wire, and so much more. There is no need to go elsewhere, and with the benefits of our Trade Program, odds are, you won't want to. If you need to return a product, we offer a generous return policy, as well as exchanges and refunds. Our mission is that you are 100% satisfied with both the electrical wiring you receive and the customer service.



Wirenco offers amazing wiring solutions for your needs. From electrical wiring for commercial buildings to industrial and residential wiring and cabling, you can rest assured you can order from us, receive timely delivery, and complete your customers' jobs with high-quality products that are safe, effective, and long-lasting. We offer free same-business-day shipping on all orders over $20, which can help when you need more wire for a commercial building project and fast, or you just want to get started on that long-awaited kitchen remodel.

Our Trade Program is a great deal for builders, contractors, business owners, electricians, cable companies, and anyone else who uses electrical supplies. When you save money with our Trade Program, you can invest more back into your business, your community, or your customers. Shop our custom wiring company online today!