3M B/G+BOX Wire Connector (50/Bag)

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Because of their increased wire range, just three 3Mâ„¢ Performance Plus Wire Connectors handle the work of eight standard connectors. O/B+ replaces the orange, blue and gray wire connector style connectors, as well as 70% of the yellow wire connector and wing style connectors. R/Y+ replaces both red and yellow wing style connectors. B/G+ covers both the large blue and gray connectors. This simplifies selection of the right connector for a wide range of wiring jobs. There's also less inventory to manage and a better chance you'll have the connector you need to do every job. A Better Bite for a Better Connection. 3Mâ„¢ Performance Plus Wire Connectors O/B+, R/Y+ and B/G+ now have a better bite. Wires feed into the connector more easily, improving the security of the connection and increasing the level of pull out. New Design Allows Easier Installation. We have modified the internal design of the O/B+, R/Y+ and B/G+ wire connectors. Installation is smooth, fast and easy on the hands. Flexible Skirts Provide Safety. The flexible skirts on the O/B+, R/Y+ and B/G+ wire connectors make the workplace a safer environment. The flexible skirt provides protection against potential shock situations.


Type: Wing
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt, 1000 Volt (Lighting Fixture/Luminaries/Sign)
Wire Type: Copper, Solid/Stranded
Wire Size: 14 to 6 AWG
Minimum Wire Combination Size: (4) #14
Maximum Wire Combination Size: (2) #6
Spring Type: Flexible
Shell Material: Plastic, Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Elastomer
Color: Blue/Gray
Temperature Rating: 221 Deg F
Standard Package: 10 Box per Case
Approval: UL, IEC, CSA, CE