Pass & Seymour DRMWV Remote Dimmer

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Enables Full Dimming Control from up to 30 Locations Using the Matching Remote Dimmers; Constant Memory Returns Lights to Previous Level After Power Failure; LED Indicators Keep you Informed; Green LED Indicate Preset Level and Current Light Level; Red LED Night Light Glows When Load is Off; Easy Operation, Tap up Once for Preset, Twice for Full On, Tap Down Once for Full Off; Hold Paddle up to Raise Lights, Down to Lower; Sleek, Ergonomic Pass and Seymour Decorator Style Matches Other Decorator Devices; Unobtrusive Preset Selection Button Helps Prevent Accidental Setting Changes; Elegant Fade on and Off Extends Bulb Life; Installs Easily Using the Same Wiring as Conventional 3-Way Switches; Change Light Level without Affecting Preset


Type: Three Way/Multi Location
Operator Type: Remote Switch
Voltage Rating: 120 V
Finish: White
Wall Plate Type: Decorator
Application: Residential
Approval: UL (Canada and US)