Littelfuse LLSRK015ID Time Delay Fuse

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Reduce Down-Time-The Indicating Window of the LLSRK_ID Immediately Identifies the Open Fuse; If the Window is Dark, The Fuse has Opened; Maintenance Personnel Can Immediately Determine that there is an Open Fuse; Reduce Fuse Inventory-The Superior Performance of the Series Allows it to be Used in a Variety of Applications, Thus Decreasing Fuse Inventory; Reduce Nuisance Opening-Indicator Fuses Offer Superior Time Delay and Cycling Characteristics, Which Can Lengthen Fuse Life


Type: Class RK1
Characteristics: Dual Element, Time Delay
Voltage Rating: 600 VAC/300 VDC
Current Rating: 15 Ampere
Interrupting Rating: 200000 Ampere (Symmetrical), 300000 Ampere (Symmetrical, Self-Certified), 20000 Ampere (DC)
Terminal Type: Ferrule
Diameter: 13/16 Inch
Length: 5 Inch
Approval: UL 248-12, CSA, QPL-WF-1814, CE