3M SCOTCHFIL-PUTTY Electrical Insulating Tape

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3Mâ„¢ Scotchfilâ„¢ Electrical Insulation Putty comes in a tape form that is used to insulate irregular surfaces like fittings and valves. This self-fusing, electrical grade tape can be stretched or wrapped and helps to insulate connections up to 600 VOLT. It withstands a wide temperature range of 32 to 176 Deg F (0 to 80 Deg C).


Type: Electrical Insulating, Sealing, Mastic
Length: 60 Inch
Width: 1.5 Inch
Thickness: 125 Mil
Material: Mastic (Adhesive), Putty (Backing)
Finish: Black
Dielectric Strength: 575 Volt per Mil
Maximum Continuous Temperature: 32 to 176 Deg F
Approval: UL