Wattstopper LS-102 Switching Photosensor

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The LS-102 Day Lighting Controller is a Single Zone, On/Off Switching Device Designed to Be Installed in a Closed Loop Application; A Self Contained 24 VDC Device with an Extended Range of 1-1400 Footcandles, the LS-102 Requires a Low Voltage Power Pack to Operate; The Controller Consists of an Advanced Digital Multi-Band Photosensor an on-Board Microcontroller and an LCD Display; This Photosensor is Positioned Behind a 100 Deg Cone that Cuts Off Unwanted Light, Preventing False Triggers; The LS-102 Features Automatic Setpoint Calculations; The Device Initiates a Procedure to Select an Appropriate Value for the on Setpoint; As Part of the Process, the Controlled Load is First Turned on for a Brief Interval to Warm up the Lamps and then Switched Off; This Process is Repeated Several Times; at the Completion of the Calibration, a New Value for the on Setpoint Will Have Been Selected; Other Adjustable Settings Include Deadband and Time Delay Settings; Easy to Read LCD Display Prompts Installer Through Set-Up; Four User Adjustable Parameters on Setpoint, Off Setpoint, Off Setpoint Time Delay and Hold on While Occupied Mode (If Wired with an Occupancy Sensor); Test Mode Overrides Programmed Time Delay, Enabling Installer to Verify Accuracy of Settings; Control Load Status Verification Allows Testing and Confirmation that Wiring is Correct; Form Factor Designed to Eliminate Misalignment; LED Status Indicator Identifies When Device is in Override or Test Mode or if Device Has Switched Lights On or Off; Mounting Options for Top or Side Lit Applications; One Hour Manual Override Capability (When Wired with Low Voltage, Pushbutton Wall Switch); Programmable in Most Daylight Conditions; Qualifies for Use on ARRA Funded Public Works Projects; 5 Year Warranty


Type: 1-Zone
Lamp Type: Incandescent, Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, HID, LED
Depth: 0.7 Inch
Application: Peripheral Office, Skylit Area, Cafeteria, Warehouse, Indoor Area
Approval: UL