Pass & Seymour 1595TR GFCI Receptacle

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Protects Children: Patented Shutter System Helps Prevent Improper Insertion of Foreign Objects; Safelock Protection: If Critical Components are Damaged and Ground Fault Protection is Lost, Power to Receptacle is Disconnected; Prevents Line-Load Reversal Miswire: No Power to the Face or Downstream Receptacles if Wired Incorrectly; Exceeds UL943 Voltage Surge Requirements; Survives 100X the Required UL 3KA/6KV Voltage Surge Test Cycles; Trip Indicator Light (Red LED); Side or Internal Screw Pressure Plate Back Wire with #10 to #14 AWG Solid or Stranded Copper Wire; Two Back Wire Holes Per Terminal; Ground Screw Has a Back Wire Clamp for Easy Installation; 1/4 Inch Thinner than Competitors GFCI's; Leaves More Room for Wires in the Box; Mounting Screws are Shipped Captive in the Device and Wall Plate for Easier Installation; Extra-Long Strap; Button Colors Match the Device Face; Dual-Direction Test and Reset Buttons; Supplied with Matching TP26 Nylon Wall Plate; Tri-Drive Screws; GFCI's with Auto-Ground Assure a Positive Ground to Metal Box


Type: Duplex
Configuration: 5-15R
Voltage Rating: 125 VAC at 60 Hz
Current Rating: 15 Ampere
Number of Poles: 2
Number of Wires: 3
Material: High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic
Color: Brown
Wiring: Back
Grade: Specification
Approval: UL 498/943, UL (Canada and US), CUL, CSA C22.2, FSUL WC596