Midwest Electric Products U012010GRP Surface Mount Power Outlet

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Midwest Electric’s Temporary Power and Power Outlets are a means of providing power required by various construction trades, residential sites, and mobile electrical applications. Temporary Power and Power Outlets offer one or more receptacles, with or without overcurrent protection, disconnecting, metering, and/or pedestal mounting functions, in a single enclosure of G-90 zinc-coated steel. The NEMA 3R rainproof enclosure is lockable and engineered to provide maximum protection against weather, vandalism, and normal field use.


Type: Unmetered
Current Rating: 20 Ampere
Circuit Configuration: 1-Phase
Left Position Receptacle Type: 5-20R2GFCI
Right Position Receptacle Type: 5-20R2GFCI
Wire Size: 14 to 10 AWG Solid/Stranded (Copper, Line), 14 to 10 AWG Solid/Stranded (Copper, Load), 14 to 10 AWG Solid/Stranded (Copper, Neutral), 12 to 8 AWG Solid, 12 to 2 AWG Stranded (Copper/Aluminum, Ground)
Material: G90 Galvanized Steel
Finish: Zinc Coated
Enclosure: NEMA 3R
Approval: UL, CUL