Wattstopper PW-103N-W Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor

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The PW-103N Passive Infrared (PIR) Multi-Way Wall Switch Sensor Can Turn Lights Off and On Based on Occupancy; It Provides High Sensitivity to Small and Large Movements, Appealing Aesthetics, a Field Selectable Nightlight and a Variety of Features; High Sensitivity and Dense Coverage for Exceptional Performance; Optional Nightlight with Choice of Three Colors and Two Light Levels; Color-Matched Lens and Low Profile for Appealing Design; Allows Multi-Way Control from One of Upto Four Control Locations; Selectable Operation, Walk Through, Test and Presentation Modes for Increased Energy Savings and Convenience; Defaults to Manual-On Operation for Maximum Energy Savings; Detection Signature Processing Eliminates False Triggers and Provides Immunity to RFI and EMI; Zero-Crossing Circuitry for Reliability and Increased Product Life; Vandal Resistant Lens Combines Precise Coverage with Durability; Choice of Manual-On or Auto-On Operation; Test Mode Allows Quick and Easy Adjustments; LED Indicates Occupancy Detection; Selectable Audible and/or Visual Alerts for Impending Shutoff; In Automatic Mode, Sensor Returns Automatically to Auto-On after Lights Are Turned Off Manually; Optional Light Level Sensing with Simple Setup; Service Mode Allows Sensor to Operate as a Service Switch in the Unlikely Event of a Failure; Sensor Coverage Tested to NEMA Guide Publication WD7-2000; 5 Year Warranty


Type: Sensor with Relay, Nightlight
Sensor Type: Passive Infrared, Multi-Way
Voltage Rating: 120/277 VAC at 50/60 Hz
Load Type: Ballast/Tungsten, Motor
Load Rating: 0 to 800 W at 120 VAC (Ballast/Tungsten), 0 to 1200 W at 277 VAC (Ballast), 1/6 HP at 120 VAC (Motor)
Area Coverage: 35 Ft x 30 Ft (Major Motion), 20 Ft x 15 Ft (Minor Motion)
Time Delay: 5/10/15/20/25/30 Min
Wall Plate Type: Decorator (Not Included)
Finish: White
Mounting: Wall
Size: 2.73 Inch L x 1.76 Inch W x 1.83 Inch D
Application: Private Office, Small Conference Room, Lunch/Break Room, Individual Restroom, Hotel Guest Bathroom
Approval: UL, CUL