Littelfuse TOO030 Time Delay Plug Fuse

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TOO Fuses are Dual-Element Time Delay Edison-Base Fuses Designed for Motor and Motor Branch-Circuit Protection; Also Suitable for all General Purpose Circuits; The National Electric Code Now Permits Edison-Base Fuses to be Used Only for Replacements in Existing Installations and then, Only When there is No Evidence of Overfusing or Tampering; To Prevent Shunting of Open Fuses or Overfusing and to Reduce Nuisance Fuse Opening, it is Recommended that SAO Adapters with Properly Rated SLO or SOO Series Fuses be Installed in All Edison-Base Fuseholders


Characteristics: Dual Element, Time Delay
Voltage Rating: 125 VAC
Current Rating: 30 Ampere
Interrupting Rating: 10000 Ampere (Symmetrical)
Base Type: Edison
Approval: UL 248-11