3M 7693-S-4 Outdoor Termination Kit

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3M™ Cold Shrink Qt-Iii Silicone Rubber Termination Kit 7620-S, 7680-S and 7690-S Series Contain One-Piece, Skirted, Silicone Rubber Terminations, Qualified as IEE Standard 48 Class 1 for Outdoor Weather-Exposed Applications; The Termination Assemblies Consist of a Skirted Insulator, High Dielectric Constant (Hi-K) Stress Control Tube (7620-S is Designed and Assembled with Stress Controlling Compound Only) Conformable Hi-K Stress Controlling Compound and Built-In Environmental Top Seal; The Insulator is Made of a Dark Gray Silicone Rubber with Excellent Tracking Resistance and Hydrophobic Properties; The Complete Assembly is Prestretched and Loaded onto a Removable Core Which Can be Recycled; The Kits are Designed for Terminating Solid Dielectric Shielded Power Cables Rated 5-35 Kilovolt, with Tape Shield, Wire Shield and Unishield® Constructions


Type: Cold Shrink
Voltage Rating: 5 to 25/28 Kilovolt
BIL Rating: 150 Kilovolt
Cable Type: Tape/Wire Shield, Unishield
Number of Terminations: 3
Insulator Material: Silicone Rubber
Insulator Type: (4) Skirted
Cable Insulation Outer Diameter: 0.72 to 1.29 Inch
Connector Type: Lug
Conductor Size: 300 to 500 KCMIL (5 Kilovolt), 250 to 500 KCMIL (8 Kilovolt), 2/0 AWG to 300 KCMIL (15 Kilovolt), 2 to 4/0 AWG (25/28 Kilovolt)
Contents: (3) Hi-K Silicone Rubber Termination, (3) Constant Force Spring, (3) Pre-Formed Ground Braid, (6) Mastic Seal Strip, (1/2) Copper Foil Shielding Tape Strip, (1) Cable Preparation Kit, (1) Instruction Sheet