Scotch 13-3/4X15FT Electrical Tape

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Scotch® Electrical Semi Conducting Tape 13 is a 30 mil, highly conformable, electrical semi conducting tape. This tape retains its conductivity with stretch. It offers excellent performance with the most solid dielectric cable insulations and conductors. The tape is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Scotch® Electrical Tape 13 is non vulcanizing and shelf stable while maintaining stable conductivity over a wide temperature range. The tape elongates easily and conforms to irregular shapes. This semi conducting, premium grade tape provides excellent shielding for cable joints on solid dielectric insulated power cables. It withstands temperatures up to 194 Deg F (90 Deg C). The ethylene propylene, rubber based tape electrically rounds out high voltage connectors and bonds to insulating materials that minimize electrical stresses. ASTM Approved and RoHS 2002/65/EC Compliant.


Type: Adhesive, High Voltage Splicing
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt
Length: 15 Foot
Width: 0.75 Inch
Thickness: 30 Mil
Material: Semi-Conducting EPR, Liner EPR (Backing)
Finish: Black
Maximum Continuous Temperature: 194 Deg F
Maximum Short Term Temperature: 266 Deg F