3M IMCSN-1500-25FT-BLACK-REEL Heat Shrink Cable Sleeve

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Fast and Easy Installation; Resists Puncture and Abrasion Damage; Complete Environmental Protection; Versatile, a Minimum Number of Sizes Cover the Entire Range of Applications; Shrink Ratio 3:1; Resist Acids and Alkalis; Bonds to a Wide Variety of Substrates; Reliable and Proven; UV Resistant


Type: Heat
Voltage Rating: 1 KV
Cable Size: 1/0 AWG to 250 KCMIL
Wall Type: Medium
Shrink Temperature: 250 Deg F
Material: Cross Linked Polyolefin
Shrink Ratio: 12/30/1899 3:01:00 AM
Minimum Expanded Diameter: 1.5 Inch
Maximum Recovered Diameter: 0.5 Inch
Length: 25 Ft
Temperature Rating: -55 to 110 Deg C
Color: Black
Approval: UL 486-D