Wiremold WH20GB306TR Raceway Multi-Outlet System

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Meets New Tamper Resistant Requirements for 2008 NEC Section 406.11 Provides Additional Protection from Burns and Other Injuries Mandated for Residential Applications; Built-In Shutter System Prevents the Insertion of Unwanted Objects Such as Hairpins, Keys and Nails Providing Additional Protection for Occupants Including Small Children; Steel or Aluminum Construction Superior Strength for Residential Applications Providing Year of Protection and Convenience; Designed for Surface Mounting Easier and More Convenient Installation Eliminates the Need to Break Through Walls; Multiple Power Feed Options Provide Clean, Attractive Installations with Concealed Power Sources; RoHS Compliant; Made in USA


Type: 1-Channel
Number of Outlets: 6
Outlet Type: Tamper Resistant Single Receptacle
Outlet Rating: 15 Amp
Outlet Center Distance: 6 Inch
Outlet Configuration: 3-Wire 1-Hot 1-Neutral Insulated Ground
Length: 3 Foot
Width: 1-9/32 Inch
Height: 3/4 Inch
Material: Steel
Finish: White
Standard Package: 2 per Carton
Approval: UL (Canada and US)