Bussmann 16330-3 Power Distribution Block

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Higher Temperature Rated Conductor Permitted with Appropriate Derating; Splicer Blocks Allow for Increasing or Decreasing Wire Size within a Circuit to Accommodate Different Connection from the Power Source to the Branch Load; RoHS Compliant


Type: Barrier
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt AC/DC
Current Rating: 380 Amp
Number of Poles: 3
Number of Primary Openings per Pole: 1
Primary Opening Wire Size: 4/0 AWG to 500 KCMIL Copper/Aluminum (Stranded), 1/0 to 3/0 AWG Copper/Aluminum (Stranded), 6 to 1 AWG Copper/Aluminum
Number of Secondary Openings per Pole: 6
Secondary Opening Wire Size: 3 to 2 AWG Copper/Aluminum (Stranded), 4 AWG Copper/Aluminum, 6 AWG Copper/Aluminum, 8 AWG Copper/Aluminum, 12 to 10 AWG Aluminum (Stranded), 14 to 10 AWG Copper
Conductor Material: Copper, Aluminum
Temperature Rating: 75 Deg C
Connector Material: Tin-Plated Aluminum
Color: Black
Approval: UL