Bussmann BH-0112 Fuse Block

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Bussmann's UL Class J fuse products extend both our Low-Peak family of products with our LPJ_SP and LPJ_SPI dual-element, time-delay fuses as well as our Limitron line offering fast-acting JKS fuses. The LPJ fuses provide industry leading 300,000 amp interrupting rating at 600Vac RMS Sym and 100kA VDC while delivering a minimum of 10 seconds of 500% rated current ride-through performance which is ideal for sizing of high inrush loads. The LPJ products are available with optional permanent replace fuse indication. These UL Class J products in sizes 1 to 600 amps provide exceptional performance at 600 VAC and 300 VDC


Type: Modular
Body Material: Thermoplastic
Fuse Type: Class J
Fuse Voltage Rating: 700 Volt
Fuse Current Rating: 100 Amp
Wire Size: 14 to 2/0 AWG (Copper)
Clip Type: Tin Plated Aluminum
Approval: UL, CSA, CE