Bussmann CHM4DU Modular Fuse Holder

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Easy Color Coding for Use; Finger-Safe, High SCCR Rated, Class CC and Midget Holder with Indicator Option; Agency Rating up to 1000 Volt DC for Use with Solar PV Fuse; RoHS Compliant


Type: Modular Finger Safe
Number of Poles: 4
Fuse Type: 10 Millimeter x 38 Millimeter
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt (UL), 690 Volt (IEC)
Fuse Current Rating: 30 Amp (UL), 32 Amp (IEC)
Line Wire Size: 18 to 4 AWG
Load Wire Size: 18 to 4 AWG
Mounting: 35 Millimeter DIN-Rail
Approval: UL, CSA 6225-30, CCC