Bussmann TL-25PK4 Plug Fuse

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Plug fuses thread into receptacles. Two types of threaded fuses are available: Edison base (brass) and rejection base (porcelain). The two are not interchangeable. TL and SL medium-duty fuses are regular duty fuses. T and S are heavy duty fuses for more demanding applications with high inrush currents. They feature a dual-element design that provides superior short-circuit and overload protection. Plug fuses are often used in residential applications to protect furnace blower motors, pumps, power tools, garage door openers, etc. Edison base plug fuses for motor protection are often used in conjunction with branch circuit protection and located in a box cover unit . Plug fuses provide a compact and economical method to prevent electric motor damage, reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs by opening when an overload is present.


Type: Type TL
Characteristics: Time Delay, Medium Duty
Voltage Rating: 125 Volt AC
Current Rating: 25 Amp
Base Type: Edison