Scotchlok MNU14-250DFIX Female Disconnect Terminal

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Our satisfied customers know our products for Effective and reliable performance. Variety of types, sizes and materials that meet a broad application range, including the demands of temperature and weather. Design features assuring easy installation of 3Mâ„¢ Products positive and easy wire insertion, elimination of strand hang-ups and wire twisting and easy insulation entry. These are a few of the characteristics that make the installers job easier.


Tab Size: 0.25 Inch x 0.032 Inch
Minimum Conductor Size: 16 AWG
Maximum Conductor Size: 14 AWG
Color: Blue
Insulation Type: Nylon Insulated
Temperature Rating: -40 to 105 Deg C
Standard Package: 100 per Bottle
Approval: UL, CSA