Pass & Seymour D0551 Straight Blade Power Plug

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Gator Grip Jaws Grab Cord Tighter as You Hand Turn the Housing; Nylon Jaws Grip Securely, but Wont Damage Insulation; Self Locking Dardelet Thread Holds Securely and Assures Firm Clamping; Fast Wiring Simply Insert Stranded Conductors into Individual Wiring Chambers and Tighten Oversized Terminal Screws; Transparent Wiring Chamber Cover Allows Visual Inspection of Wiring Chambers to Assure Proper Connections; Sloped Shoulders Wont Catch or Snap; Automatic Cord Centering; Brilliant High Visibility Yellow; Neoprene Dust Seal Helps Keep Out Dirt and Debris; Dead Front Construction


Type: Straight
Configuration: 5-50P
Voltage Rating: 125 V
Current Rating: 50 Ampere
Number of Poles: 2
Number of Wires: 3
Ground Type: Grounding
Material: Nylon
Color: Yellow
Cord Size: 0.57 to 1.26 Inch
Approval: UL 498, FSUL WC596