Scotchlok MU10-10FHTK Fork Terminal

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Design features assuring easy installation of 3Mâ„¢ Products positive and easy wire insertion, elimination of strand hang-ups and wire twisting and easy insulation entry. These are a few of the characteristics that make the installers job easier. 3Mâ„¢ Scotchlokâ„¢ Terminals Our premier line of terminals allow for various insulation types (such as heat shrink, nylon, vinyl or non-insulated). Various barrel styles are (such as butted, brazed, seamless or interlocking barrel). Additionally, our premier terminals come in bottle or bulk packaging. 3M Terminals help accommodate the installers needs.


Type: Standard, High Temperature
Minimum Conductor Size: 12 AWG
Maximum Conductor Size: 10 AWG
Insulation Type: Non-Insulated
Stud Size: #10
Temperature Rating: 482 Deg C
Standard Package: 500 per Case