3M 1254 Underground Cable Locator Electronic Full Range Marker

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The 3Mâ„¢ Full-Range Marker Provides an Accurate, Convenient, Long Lasting Method of Marking Underground Facilities; Electronic Marking Saves Time and Money Spent Searching for Buried Facilities Prior to Excavation; The Marker also Acts as a Digging Shield over Buried Facilities, Lessening the Chances of Damage; Unlike Surface Markers Such as Stakes, Flags or Painted, the Full-Range Marker Cannot be Inadvertently Moved or Worn Away by Weather; Accurate Even in Congested Areas Helps Eliminate Misallocates; Underground Marker Protected from Damage from Above-Ground Environment; Durable Long Lasting Passive Antenna Encased in Waterproof Shell Helps Identify Underground Facilities for Years to Come; Frequency and Color Coded Helps Identify Specific Utility; Easy to Use Minimal Training; Raid Capability Positive Identification Using Facility Information


Item: Electronic Full Range Marker
Type: Passive
Overall Size: 15 Inch Diameter x 0.65 Inch Thickness
Finish: Yellow
Used On Item: Underground Cable Locator
Used On Model/Brand: Dynatel