Caddy CATHP4Z34 Cable Support Hook Clip

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Requires No Screws, Rivets or Special Tools for Assembly; J-Hooks Feature Bendable Locking Tabs that Lock on to Caddy Cat HP Components to Provide Rigidity and Stability; Link to J-Hooks in One of Multiple Color Options to Aid in Pathway Identification and Organization; Customized J-Hook Trees Can be Easily Assembled with Various J-Hook Sizes, Colors and Configurations; Easily Attach to any Size CADDY CAT HP J-Hook


Type: J-Hook to Threaded Rod
Mounting Size: 12 to 8 AWG Wire, 1/4 Inch Rod
Material: Armour Spring Steel
Load Capacity: 30 Lb
Standard Package: 50
Approval: UL (Canada and US)