3M 72-N1 Resin Power Cable Splice Kit

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The 3Mâ„¢ Scotchcastâ„¢ Inline Splicing Kits 72-N Series is a Series of Rigid Body Splices Tailored for Joining Signal and Control Cables Rated up to 1000 V; The Kits are Designed to Accommodate Shielded or Unshielded Constructions of Plastic or Rubber-Jacketed Cables


Type: In Line
Voltage Rating: 1 KV
Cable Type: Multiple Conductor Unshielded Power Cable
Number of Conductors: 3 (12 to 10 AWG Unshielded), 4 (16 to 14 AWG Unshielded), 6 (22 to 18 AWG Unshielded)
Insulator Type: Resin
Connector Type: Insulated Butt (Not Included)
Conductor Size: 22 to 10 AWG
Cable Insulation Outer Diameter: 0.25 to 0.625 Inch
Number of Splices: 1
Contents: (1) SCOTCHCAST Electrical Insulating and Sealing Compound, (1) SCOTCH Rubber Splicing Tape, (1) Non-Conductive Abrasive Cloth, (2) Pour Spout, (1) Bonding Wire with Clip