IDEAL Electrical 30-2255 Basic Lighting Maintenance Kit

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The Wire-Nut is the American Classic with a ribbed shell that provides a positive grip along with a fixed shell square-wire spring to ensure a secure connection. The refined wire ranges of the Blue 72B and Orange 73B make them perfect for fine wire application found in lighting. The Wire-Nut also features a tough, flame-retardant thermoplastic shell that withstands environmental extremes and is reusable for easy circuit changes and addition. Additionally, the included Models are rated for use on Class 2 or low-voltage connections inside plenums, ducts, and other environmental air handling spaces without the need for a J-box. The In-Sure Push-In Wire Connector offer an ergonomical push-in design for easy grip and comfort and can be used anywhere a traditional twist-on wire connector would be use. The compact size makes for easy installations in even the tightest spots or shallow boxes, and the tough, flame-retardant shell stands up to the harshest environments. The SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connector is a revolutionary in-line wire connector that utilizes patented push-in technology in a unique design to provide a crimp-free, solderless butt splice faster and easier. The 2-port model supports a wide range of either stranded or solid wires, allowing one connector to cover the same range as three traditional butt splices and installs two times faster than a traditional butt splice. The end-to-end connection of SpliceLine is a great solution for today’s pre-fab operations and also makes it perfect for lengthening short wires in tight spaces. It easily passes through ½ inch knockouts and the transparent polycarbonate housing allows for visual inspection, assuring a secure connection every time. The PowerPlug Luminaire Disconnect fully meets the current National Electric Code and Canadian Electric Code for non-residential fluorescent luminaries. These disconnects are perfect for new, retrofit, or OEM lighting installations and allow for safe disconnect of hot and neutral ballast wiring. Both halves of the PowerPlug meet UL and CSA finger-probe safety requirements and each side is color coded for easy identification of ballast and line side. The compact design of the PowerPlug easily fits through ½ inch knockouts. Patented push-in technology quickly locks wire in place providing fast, efficient ballast connections resulting in reduced installation time and improved labour savings.


Type: 170-Piece, Maintenance Kit
Used On: Basic Lighting