Burndy YF1212ID Small Terminal Insulated Ferrule

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Ferrules are Electrical Connectors Used to Terminate Stranded Wires, Creating a Quality, Reliable Connection by Ensuring Each Wire Strand Conducts Current when Properly Crimped, Especially Useful when Multiple Reconnections Could be Necessary within Terminal Blocks or other Similar Devices, no Breakage of Wire Strands When Wire is Bent, Under Stress or in a Vibration Environment, Twin Ferrule Designs Allow Two Individual Stranded Conductors to be Connected to the Same Termination, Most Beneficial in Jumpering or other Similar Applications, Both Styles Offer the Same Features and Benefits, the YF-TOOL Series has Been Designed to Crimp Both the Bare


Type: Insulated Ferrule
Material: Electro-Tin Plated Copper
Color: Gray
Conductor Size: 12 AWG
Sleeve Length: 0.472 Inch
Sleeve Diameter: 0.126 Inch
Size: 0.189 Inch Dia x 0.787 Inch L
Standard Package: 500 per Bag