O-Z/Gedney DR-4002-2 Cable Support

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Use with All Types of Insulation at All Voltages; Retrofit Type Cable Support Can be installed After Conductors are Pulled and Terminated; Split Body Rests on Existing Bushing a Top any Conduit Raceway; The Pozi Grip Wedging Plug Exerts Uniform Pressure Around the Cable Providing Holding force in Excess of that Required by Code Without Deforming Cable Insulation


Type: Multiple Segment Plug, Split
Body Type: Tapered
Conduit Type: Rigid/IMC
Conduit Position: Vertical
Conductor Size: 18 to 8 AWG, 6 to 0 AWG, 2/0 to 4/0 AWG, 4/0 AWG to 750 KCMIL (Aluminum/Copper Clad, Aluminum/Copper)
Conduit Size: 4 Inch
Cable Type: Non-Armored
Number of Conductors: 5 (Different Size)
Size: 5-3/4 Inch Dia x 3-1/2 Inch H
Material: Molded Canvas Bakelite (Body), Zinc Plated Steel (Band), Stainless Steel (Bolt/Nut)
Application: Indoor
Approval: UL 514B, CSA C22.2