Bussmann 15.5CAVH1E Medium Voltage Auxiliary Fuse

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Low Amp, Current Limiting E-Rated PT Medium Voltage Fuse are General Purpose Fuse Defined by their Melting Time-Current Characteristic that Permit their Electrical Interchangeability with Other Fuse of the Same E Rating; E-Rated General Purpose Fuse Must have a Current Responsive Element that will Melt in 300 Second at an RMS Current within the Range of 200 Percent to 240 Percent of the Fuse Nameplate Current Rating, Fuse Refill or Link Per ANSI C37.46 for Fuse Rated 100E or Less; PT Fuse are Physically Dimensioned for Easy Installation in Existing Hardware; Space Saving Size Eases Design Consideration for New Installation; Current Limiting Fuse Provide Positive Interruption Even on Low Fault Current; The Fuse Limit the Magnitude of Electromechanical Stress in the Protected Apparatus; These Fuse are in a Self-Contained, Non- Venting Package for Installation Indoor or Outdoor in an Enclosure; Open Fuse Indicator Speed Troubleshooting by Providing a Positive Visual Indication of Fuse Operation; RoHS Compliant


Type: Potential and Small Power Transformer, Current Limiting, Non-Indicating
Characteristics: E
Voltage Rating: 15.5 Kilovolt
Current Rating: 1 Amp
Interrupting Rating: 80 Kiloamp (Symmetrical)
Terminal Type: Bolt-On, Ferrule
Diameter: 1.6 Inch
Length: 12.9 Inch