O-Z/Gedney DX-150 IMC/Rigid Conduit Deflection Expansion Fitting

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O-Z/Gedney DX expansion deflection fittings are used to compensate for movement in any direction between two conduit ends which they connect. Type DX fittings will withstand occasional vibration transmitted to conduit by rotating equipment or vehicular traffic. These fittings will provide for a movement of 3/4 inch from the normal in all directions. Where they are used for angular movement they will allow for a deflection of 30 degree from the normal in any direction. In addition, they may be used with PVC conduit by using standard adapters in each end.


Trade Size: 1-1/2 Inch
Diameter: 3-1/8 Inch
Length: 7-1/4 Inch
Maximum Movement: 3/4 Inch, 30 Deg
Constructional Feature: Concrete-Tight, Raintight, Watertight NEMA 4
Material: Bronze End Coupling, Neoprene Sleeve, Stainless Steel Band, Tinned Copper Braid Bonding Jumper
Approval: UL 514B, CSA C22.2
Used On: Rigid Metal Conduit/IMC