Bussmann RM60100-1CR Fuse Block

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Fuse Blocks Feature a Standard Fuse Clip Reinforcing Spring for Enhanced Electrical Contact Between the Block and Fuse; The Modular Design Permits Reducing Inventory, Assembly Time and Labor with Tool-Less Assembly of Multiple Poles at Point of Use; Knifeblade Fuse Blocks from 100 to 600 Amps Feature Phase Barriers Between Poles for Additional Safety with up to Four Mounting Holes per Pole Increase Installation Flexibility; RoHS Compliant


Type: Barrier
Material: Thermoplastic
Number of Poles: 1
Fuse Type: Class R
Fuse Voltage Rating: 600 Volt
Fuse Current Rating: 70 to 100 Amp
Wire Size: 14 to 2 AWG Copper, 8 to 2 AWG Aluminum
Terminal Type: Box Lug with Slot Screw
Clip Type: Spring Reinforced
Approval: UL, CSA, CE