Arlington Industries TVBU507 Power and Low Voltage TV Box

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Recessed Combo Box Allows You to Mount Lcd/Plasma Tvs And Other System Components Flush Against the Wall; For New Work Use Supplied Screws to Install on Stud; For Convenience, Box Positioning Tabs are Set; For 1/2 Inch or 5/8 Inch Drywall; Trim Plate is Textured/Paintable and Covers Edges of Cut Wall Surface; Mounting Wings Hold Bracket Securely Against Wall When Screws are Tightened; For Walls Up to 1-1/2 Inch Thick; Use with Arlingtonâ€s Scoop Series Entrance Hoods and Plates; Made in USA


Type: Gangable
Height: 6.818 Inch
Depth: 3.875 Inch
Number of Gangs: 3
Material: Non-Metallic
Mounting: Bracket
Standard Package: 4
Approval: UL, CSA