Leviton Manufacturing O3C20-MDW Lighting Control Vacancy Sensor

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Robust and Reliable Mechanically Held 8 Ampere Latching Relay Provides Dependability and Robust Performance for All Load Types and Provide Energy Saving Over Electronically Held Relay; Field of View Units 2,000 Square Foot; Lenses on Model is Easily Replaceable and Color Coded Red for Contractor and End-Users to Easily Identify Lens from the Ground; RoHS Compliant


Sensor Type: Passive Infrared/Ultrasonic
Voltage Rating: 277 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz
Load Type: Electronic/Magnetic Ballast, Tungsten, Motor
Load Rating: 8 Amp (Electronic Ballast), 800 Watt or 800 Volt Amp (Ballast/Tungsten), 1/4 HP Motor (120 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz)/6 Amp or 6 AX (Electronic Ballast/Magnetic Ballast), 1/3 HP Motor (230 Volt AC 50 Hertz)/5 Amp (Electronic Ballast), 1200 Volt Amp (Ballast), 1/3 HP Motor (277 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz)
Area Coverage: 2000 Square Foot
Time Delay: 30 Second, 5/10/20/30 Minute
Finish: White
Mounting: Ceiling Mount
Size: 4.8 Inch Diameter x 2.39 Inch Depth
Application: Daylight Harvesting
Approval: UL 924, CUL, CE