IPEX 850010 Plug Fitting

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Lead-Free; Lower Installation Costs, Easy Handling Significantly Reduce Labor and Transportation Costs on a Typical Installation; Extended Life-Thermoplastic Piping Systems in a Variety of Demanding Industrial Applications have Operated Successfully for Over 45 Years; Superior Underground Performance-Immune to Damage from Naturally Corrosive Soil Conditions as Well as Electrochemical and Galvanic Corrosion; Exceptional Chemical Resistance-Provide Outstanding Resistance to a Wide Range of Chemicals Such as Most Acids, Alcohols, Alkalies, Salt Solutions, Halogens and More; Improved Flow; Potable Water Approved; Exceptional Temperature Range; Lower Thermal Conductivity; Environmentally Responsible


Nominal Pipe Size: 1 Inch
Schedule: 80 S
End Connection: Male Threaded
Material: PVC
Material Specification: ASTM D1784/D2464
Process: Injection Molded
Temperature Rating: 140 Deg F
Application: Chemical Process, Industrial, Plant Chemical Distribution Line, Water and Waste Water, Acid System for Refinery, Pickling Line and Plating Shop, Chlorine Injection, Chlorine Dioxide and Chloralkall Plant Piping System, Steel Wire Plant, Irrigation System, Pharmaceutical, Waterworks
Applicable Standard: NSF 14/61, CSA B137.0/B137.3, ABS