Burndy YSHG3434 Compression Tap Connector

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Material is High Conductivity Copper Extrusion; Minimizes Resistance, Eliminates Corrosion Due to Dissimilar Metals; Grooves are Pre-Filled with PENETROX E2 Oxide Inhibitor and Individually Sealed; Inhibits Moisture and Contaminants Ensuring Electrical Integrity; RoHS Compliant


Shape: H
Number of Taps: 1
Conductor Material: Copper
Minimum Run Conductor Size: 250 KCMIL Stranded
Maximum Run Conductor Size: 400 KCMIL Stranded
Minimum Tap Conductor Size: 4/0 AWG
Maximum Tap Conductor Size: 400 KCMIL
Die Index: 1104
Body Material: High Conductivity Copper
Approval: UL