Orbit Industries TGMW Electrical Switch Box

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Extra Wide for Additional Volume; Non-Gangable Wide Old Work Switch Box for Easy Installation of GFCI or Other Large Devices; Wide Old Work Tigergrip; RoHS Compliant; Made in USA


Type: Non-Gangable, Old Work
Height: 3 Inch
Width: 2-1/4 Inch
Depth: 2-3/4 Inch
Capacity: 18.5 Cu Inch
Number of Knockouts: 8
Knockout Location: (2) Bottom, (4) Side, (2) End
Knockout Size: (2) 1/2 Inch Bottom, (4) 1/2 Inch Side, (2) 1/2 Inch End
Number of Gangs: 1
Material: 16 Gauge Galvanized Sheet Steel
Approval: UL 514A, UL (Canada and US)
Standard Package: 50