3M 51-UNPRINTED-4X100FT Protection Tape

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All Weather Performance and Corrosion Resistant; Resistant to Corrosive Salt Water, Soil Acids, Alkalis and Salts, Common Chemicals, Chemical Vapors and Exposure to Outdoor Weathering and Sunlight; Both Tapes have Electrical Insulating Properties; Formulated to Resist Corrosion of Metal Piping Systems above and below Ground, Fittings and Joints on All Mill-Coated Pipe and Electrical Conduit Systems; RoHS Compliant; Made in USA


Type: Insulating
Length: 100 Foot
Width: 4 Inch
Thickness: 20 Mil
Material: PVC Tape, Rubber Adhesive
Finish: Black
Temperature Rating: -55 to 176 Deg F
Application: Corrosion Protection on Pipe, Conduit Pipe, Fitting, Professional Grade