Wattstopper CH-250-W Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor

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The CH-250 Operates as a Manual-On Sensor; Users Must Press the Pushbutton to Turn-On Lighting; It Keeps Lighting on as Long as Motion is Detected and Provides Automatic Shutoff, Following a User-Selected Time Delay, when Motion is no Longer Detected; Users may Turn the Connected Load Off Manually; Replaces Single or Multi-Pole Switches; Lighted Switch for Visibility in Darkened Rooms; Low-Profile Styling; Choice of 5 Decorator Colors; Lens is Color-Matched to Device; No Current Leakage to Load in Off Mode for Safety; 5 Year Warranty


Type: Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor with Relay
Sensor Type: Passive Infrared, Multi Way
Voltage Rating: 120 VAC at 60 Hz
Load Type: Incandescent/LED/Fluorescent/Compact Fluorescent/MLV/ELV/Motor
Load Rating: 0 to 600 W (Incandescent/LED/Fluorescent/CFL/MLV/ELV), 1/6 HP (Motor)
Area Coverage: 600 Sq Ft
Field of View: 180 Deg
Time Delay: 15 Sec to 30 Min (Adjustable)
Wall Plate Type: Decorator (Included)
Finish: White
Mounting: Wall
Size: 2.67 Inch L x 1.73 Inch W x 1.77 Inch D
Application: Residential, Light Commercial, Hallway, Stairwell, Large Room
Approval: UL, CUL