Wiremold AL5256-DABRT Raceway Cover Plate

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AL5200 Series Aluminum Raceway is Sleek, Clean and Attractive; Integrated into Casework or Lab Furniture or Installed as Baseboard, These Raceways Can be Used to Distribute Communication and Power Wiring while Maintaining Aesthetics; The Satin Anodized Finish is Designed for Both Good Looks and Easy Service; The "Hi-Tech" Appearance Makes this Raceway an Attractive Choice for Contemporary Spaces; This Aluminum Raceway System also Compliments the Decor of Commercial Offices Laboratories and Healthcare Facilities; Attractive, Snap-Together Aluminum; Compliments Decor in Commercial Offices, Laboratories and Healthcare Facilities; Enables Quick and Easy Circuit Modifications or Additions; Satin Anodized Finish; Good-Looking Appearance, Resists Corrosion and is Easy to Clean and Maintain; Field Installed Divider for Multiple Wiring Channels; Permits Separation of Power and Voice/Data Communication Wiring or Breakout of "Clean" Power from Standard Power Circuits; RoHS Compliant


Type: Cover Plate
Configuration: (1) Duplex Receptacle, Ortronics Datacom Insert, (2) Tracjack Device/(1) Series II Device
Size: 12 Inch L x 4-7/8 Inch W
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Satin Anodized
Approval: UL (Canada and US)
Used On: AL5200 Series Aluminum Multi-Channel Raceway