Scotch 130C-1-1/2X30FT Splicing Tape

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Scotch® Tape 130C is a linerless 30 mil thick, premium grade, rubber splicing tape used for splicing and terminating cables and wires. It withstands temperatures up to 194 Deg F (90 Deg C) with emergency overload up to 266 Deg F (130 Deg C). The tape has excellent electrical and mechanical properties to provide moisture seal protection.


Type: Insulated, High Voltage Splicing
Voltage Rating: 69 Kilovolt
Length: 30 Foot
Width: 1.5 Inch
Thickness: 30 Mil
Material: Linerless EPR, Ethylene Rubber (Backing), Rubber Resin (Adhesive)
Finish: Black
Dielectric Strength: 750 Volt per Mil
Maximum Continuous Temperature: 194 Deg F
Maximum Short Term Temperature: 266 Deg F