Marley Engineered Products MWUH5004 Electric Unit Heater

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This heavy duty heater provides a longterm comfort solution wherever you need to warm up - garages, workshops, basements, even outdoor spaces. Aim heat anywhere with adjustable louvers and flexible mounting options for both horizontal and vertical applications.


Type: Downflow
Voltage Rating: 208/240 Volt
Current Rating: 18/20.9 Amp (Heater)
Power Rating: 3750/5000 Watt
Number of Phases: 1
Capacity: 12799/17065 BTU/Hour
Heating Element: Copper Brazed Steel Fin
Control Type: 208/240 Volt
Fan/Motor Type: 1350 RPM
Air Flow Rate: 270 CFM
Color: Neutral Gray
Size: 14 Inch Length x 12-1/2 Inch Height x 11-1/4 Inch Depth
Mounting: Horizontal/Vertical
Application: Factory, Warehouse, Garage, Stairwell, Power Station or Mechanical Room
Approval: UL (Canada and US)