Wattstopper W-500A Occupancy Sensor

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Ultrasonic Ceiling Sensors are Versatile Motion Detectors that Control Lighting in a Wide Variety of Applications; Can be Used Individually or as Part of an Integrated System of Wattstopper Lighting Control Products; ASP Circuitry Helps to Eliminate False On; Utilizes Advanced Omni Directional, Ultrasonic Technology for Reliable Occupancy Detection; When Movement is Detected in a Controlled Area the Sensors will Switch Lights on via Low Voltage Wiring Through to a Wattstopper Power or Auxiliary Pack; Once the Area is Vacated and the User-Adjustable Time Delay (15 Seconds to 15 Minutes) has Elapsed, Lighting Systems Automatically Switch Off; Optional on Override by Installing the Override Pin Provided with the Sensor; LED Indicates Occupancy Detection; Turns Lights on and Off Based on Occupancy to Reduce Energy Costs; Solid-State, Crystal Controlled


Type: Occupancy Sensor
Sensor Type: Ultrasonic
Voltage Rating: 24 VDC
Area Coverage: 500 Sq Ft
Field of View: 360 Degree
Time Delay: 15 Sec to 15 Min (Adjustable)
Finish: White
Mounting: Ceiling
Size: 4.5 Inch L x 4.5 Inch W x 1.25 Inch D
Application: Control Office, Conference Room, Utility Area, Open Office, Restroom, Warehouse, Hallway
Approval: UL